The project for the Torrefazione Vittoria , roasting located in the historic center of Cremona , arises from the wish of valorize and leave exposed the elements that characterize this historic shop of Cremona but adapting it to modern needs of its young owner who wanted to transform the space , once only dedicated to production and to roasting coffee , in a real coffee. For the bar counter was chosen a clean, essential line , as opposed to the rather more fun and colorful space dedicated to cash and buying coffee . The stools and the large table where guests can sip their coffee in view of the roasting machine were also designed by Laboratorio83 , simple elements are made of fir wood , and low cost. The rods of the vault were used to hang the bulbs by muuto , even these very basic but fun . The entrance was finally designed by alternating of drywall scenes on which, through the use of steel net for reinforcement of concrete, have been made to climb jasmine plants , and that could also be exploited as a surface displaying.